1. Is legal advice surely free of charge?

Yes, the student legal advice service Law & Lake is completely free of charge for you. We follow the "pro bono" idea and offer our services free of charge. After a successful legal consultation, we would of course appreciate a positive Google review from you.

2. How do I get help from you?

By filling out the online form, simply send us your Case enquiry You will receive a reply in due course.

3. What can I expect from LAW & LAKE?

We will provide you with a comprehensive legal opinion which presents your possible legal options for action. This will enable you to weigh up your options in a well-informed and responsible manner and thus to decide on the further course of action. We will then be happy to work closely with you to further assert your interests - for example by sending reminders, telephone calls and correspondence with the other party or the authorities.

4. Do I need to bring anything to the legal consultation?

In order to be able to advise you fully, we need your documents, such as contracts, documents or similar. It is also useful to bring your own letters that you have already sent in the matter.

5. Where does the legal advice take place?

Legal counselling takes place at the University of Konstanz by appointment. Our advisors will provide you with more details by e-mail.
For deviations due to Corona see our Coronavirus Update.

6. Is it possible to receive legal advice by e-mail?

In our experience, clarification of the facts is best achieved in a personal conversation. Therefore, we do not offer legal advice by e-mail. Subsequent correspondence after a consultation will of course take place by e-mail.

7. Which cases are handled within the framework of student legal advice?

For practical reasons, as a matter of principle no cases with a deadline are processed.

8. What happens after contact is made?

After sending your case enquiry, it will be anonymously advertised in our consultant pool after a brief review. If two advisors respond, your case enquiry will be forwarded to them immediately for processing. Otherwise, the case request will be closed and you will be notified. Once your case has been successfully accepted, our team of advisors will contact you to coordinate an appointment for an initial meeting.

9. How does the legal advice process work?

During the initial meeting, your case will be recorded by us in detail and we will explore your interests and concerns. Once the mandate agreement has been concluded, the advisors will deal with the comprehensive processing of the mandate on the basis of current case law and literature. Within about two weeks, we will arrange another meeting with you and present your possible options for action with regard to the legal issues we have examined.

10. What happens to my personal data?

We treat your data as strictly confidential. Only the counsellors can see your personal data. They are encrypted and specially secured. We do not disclose your data to any third parties. After the counselling is completed, your data is anonymised. You can find further information in our Data protection declaration.