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Q&A with Allen & Overy LLP

We had a great online workshop with Allen & Overy LLP on 04.05.2023. Thereby, we received very diverse and detailed insights into the working methods of a major international law firm. In addition to experiences and opportunities for career entry, we talked about current topics in labor and finance law in a convivial atmosphere. In the meantime, we also discovered some commonalities in our approach to client work.

Afterwards we finished the evening with a team dinner and a get-together at the Seerhein.

Many thanks to Ms. Anne Pelzer and Mr. Hans-Joachim Jähnrich for this entertaining and instructive workshop. In particular, thanks go to Ms. Roth for organizing the event.

A big thank you also to the CMS Foundation for the financial support that made the framework of this successful event possible.

Professional development with law firm Wallauer-Friedrich, Löwe, Hefner Partnerschaft mbB

Yesterday (01.02.2023) we held our second training this year. It was all about tenancy law, especially about deposits and service charges and their pitfalls. An exciting and entertaining as well as instructive event, which was concluded with a joint dinner. Many thanks again to Ms. Hefner for the great evening and your efforts.

Thanks also to the CMS Foundation, whose financial support enables us to hold regular training sessions with evening events!

Professional training with BFMR law firm

Yesterday (January 11, 2022) we held our advanced training with the Constance law firm BFMR.

Many thanks to Mr. Besuden for the great lecture, many impressions from practice and the nice evening after the training!!!

The focus was on the liability of attorneys and consultants and the new law on evidence in labor law. Tips on pleadings, a few words on the law of evidence and the conduct of negotiations were, of course, also included.

Federal networking meeting 2022

This weekend the federal networking meeting of the German Law Clinics took place in Frankfurt a.M. from 25.11. to 27.11.2022.
A big thank you for this to the DSR for the great organization and the opportunity for constant exchange with other law clinics! We would also like to express our sincere thanks to the CMS-Stiftung, without which such a meeting would also not have been possible!

In addition to a lecture by our DSR representative Florian Reiners, some workshops and other impulse-setting program items, a joint visit to the Christmas market was not to be missed. As a result, it was a very impressive weekend with many new contacts, experiences and ideas for our future consulting activities.

Picknick with Phi Delta Phi 

Today, 20.05.2022, our picnic took place together with Phi Delta Phi in Herosépark. Interested new advisors had the chance to get to know the two university groups personally. We also took the opportunity to exchange ideas with Phi Delta Phi. Snacks, fruit, pretzels and cool drinks were provided for the physical well-being.

Update Coronavirus

As the student legal advice service for all, we are pleased to be able to offer personal counselling sessions again. As we care about your protection as well as ours, we continue to offer telephone and online consultations upon request.

You can find our form for case enquiries here..

General advice, current information and recommendations on how to behave can be found at

Training in employment tribunal proceedings

On 14.10.2021 our training in "Labor Court Proceedings" took place. Many thanks for this once again to Prof. Dr. Christian Picker for your time and efforts!

Afterwards, the evening was rounded off with a meal together at Logan's.

Norm control application before the Administrative Court

On 27 April 2021, the city of Constance issued a police regulation (PolVO MusSpV), which ordered a ban on music and games from 10 pm to 6 am in large parts of the public city area. Since LAW & LAKE doubted the legality of the PolVO MusSpV, some of our legal advisors filed a complaint against the city. Norm control application to the VGH Baden-Württemberg to suspend the ban on music and gambling at night.

The application resulted in the Illegality of the ban on gamblingwhich was suspended by decision of 5.8.2021. The pleasing result is a success of our applicants, their legal representative Andreas Hennemann and the law firm Rechtsanwälte Rohrer & Kollegen.

The Senate stated that the clear wording of § 3 PolVO MusSpV covered games of all kinds. It was not limited to drinking games such as "beer-pong" and "flunkyball", as the administration intended. Also prohibited are parlour games (card games, board games, etc.), games of movement (tag, hide-and-seek, etc.) as well as sports in certain forms (badminton, table tennis, etc.). The VGH emphasised that games of any kind are generally prohibited. no abstract danger . There was no factual forecast that the prohibited conduct would regularly and typically lead to damage to police property. There were no ascertainable facts that games that were not drinking games had led to disturbances of the night's rest. The VGH concluded that our applicants did not have to accept these restrictions on their general freedom of action.

In our opinion, the VGH wrongly applied the ban on music in § 2 PolVO MusSpV not out of execution.. Dass dieser, gleich einer Gefahrenvorsorge, abstrakt für die Gesundheit gefährliches ebenso wie abstrakt ungefährliches und sozialadäquates Verhalten – sowohl lautes als auch leises Musikhören – undifferenziert erfasst, verkannte der VGH. Ebensowenig überzeugt, dass der VGH in der Grundrechtsabwägung die konkret geltend gemachten Verhaltensweisen der Antragssteller berücksichtigte, obwohl die abstrakte Normenkontrolle ein objektives  Beanstandungsverfahren darstellt.


Jannis BanteleFlorian Reiners and Lea Loosen have succeeded in having a fine imposed for a violation of a police regulation prohibiting the use of amplifiers to listen to music on the Seerhein discontinued in court. The Südkurier took this as an opportunity to interview and ask the three advisors about the legality of the police order. interviewenThis is because the city of Constance is currently working on a new, even more far-reaching police regulation.

Link to the article:;art372448,10792203

Our first online training

Due to the current situation, we had to hold our regular training, which focuses on the legal framework of our work, the process of a mandate and last but not least quality assurance, online for the first time. Fortunately, the technology played along, so that nothing stands in the way of further events!

Prize of the University Council

We are extremely pleased: LAW & LAKE was awarded the University Council Prize 2018 at the Dies academicus. We would like to thank the University Council of the University of Konstanz for endowing the prize and for choosing LAW & LAKE as the winner, as well as the KIM film team for the film about our work!