About LAW & LAKE

Innovative, practical and a win-win for all involved. LAW & LAKE can be summarized on these three characteristics as a student-run legal advice service - consisting of students and academic staff of the University of Konstanz. Our goal is to offer free as well as high-quality legal advice that is accessible to everyone. Often the inhibition threshold to consult a lawyer, even because of an expensive initial consultation, is very high, the amount in dispute is simply too low, the person concerned is indigent or unfamiliar with the system of legal aid. This is where we come in as one of the first student legal advice centers in Germany with uncomplicated and free legal advice and can already look back on over 200 successfully advised mandates since our founding in 2014.

At the same time, we promote the practical training of young, committed and competent lawyers, which is far too neglected in law school. Working as a consultant at LAW & LAKE offers good students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in lectures, working groups and seminars to real cases under the guidance of professors and lawyers for the benefit of clients, to expand their practical skills and legal knowledge, and thus to create valuable added value for both sides - the consultant and the client.

LAW & LAKE is recognized as a non-profit organization and sees itself as a legal didactic as well as social building block in an active civil society and legal education: networking theory and practice as well as jurisprudence and society, applying existing skills and learning a variety of new ones, early contact with clients as well as legal competence for previously unadvised legal cases. Growing in practice while providing valuable assistance - this is what drives each of our consultants.