Join us

Why should I join?

There are many reasons to get involved with LAW & LAKE as a consultant. First of all, we pursue the important pro bono idea of creating added value for society - not only for the benefit of others, but for mutual gain. We combine social engagement with our own training and development, creating a situation development, create a situation from which all participants benefit and and, as those who benefit from the privilege of studying at a university studies, we want to make our contribution to a strong and stable stable civil society.

Furthermore, working with us offers offers a first-class opportunity to apply acquired knowledge in practice, to strengthen social and personal skills, to work with committed fellow students and and experienced lawyers from the legal profession, academia and the judiciary. experienced lawyers from the legal profession, academia and the judiciary. participation in an honorary project, which fundamentally the perspective of legal counselling practice, to significantly improve one's considerably improve their chances of applying for a job later on.

Which advisors are we looking for?

We are looking forward to motivated comrades-in-arms who want to shape the idea of student pro bono legal advice with us and be part of LAW & LAKE as advisors. We are looking for students who have achieved above-average grades in their first three semesters and have developed a passion for solving cases, but also for trainee lawyers and academic staff with convincing exams. In addition to professional competence, an honest interest in the client's (legal) problem and an open-minded approach are important to us for an advisory role at LAW & LAKE.

We look forward to receiving a short message from you describing your motivation to work with us! Please enclose a short CV in tabular form and - if you are still studying - a ZEuS extract of your examination results.

Contact Nicolas Häberle and Nikolai Stüttgen, Head of the Cooperation Department at