Legal Advice

LAW & LAKE offers you uncomplicated access to high-quality legal advice, yet not every case is also suitable for advice by student legal advisors. That is why we examine each case carefully before accepting the mandate and thus also decide in your best interest whether we can provide advice. To do so, simply fill out our Case enquiry form with a brief description of your problem and your expectation of the solution.

Please note that, as a student legal advice service, we cannot take action in matters that are subject to deadlines and, for capacity reasons, we cannot accept all cases brought to us.

Advisory areas

In order to be able to offer you the highest possible quality of counselling, our field of counselling is limited to the following areas:

Civil law

  • General Civil Law

(e.g. formation of contracts, minors in law, representation issues, rescission)

  • Contract Law

(including claims for damages and warranty rights, in particular in the law of sales, contracts for work and services, tenancy and travel contracts)

  • Property law

(including claims for restitution, injunctive relief)

  • Law of tort

(inter alia, questions of liability in the event of damage and harmful events)

  • Familien- und Erbrecht

(u.a. Unterhaltsrecht, Beratung bei allgemeinen Fragen zur Erbfolge)

  • Law of associations and company law

(a.o. Choice of legal form for associations and companies, drafting of statutes and articles of association and partnership agreements, rights and duties of of shareholders, managing directors and/or (association) board members, representation issues)

  • Dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Neighbourhood law

Public Law / Administrative Law

  • General administrative law
  • Special administrative law, esp. construction, police and municipal law
Please note that we do not handle criminal law matters and, moreover, we are only active out of court. Likewise, we cannot take on all cases, especially if the amount in dispute exceeds a certain amount or a lawyer's licence is required in the respective case.

Advisory process

Our counselling takes place in three stages:

  • The first step is to contact us. After receiving your request, we check in advance whether we, as student legal advisors, can handle your case at all. If the preliminary check is positive, the second step is to put your case out to tender - strictly anonymously - internally in our team. If two advisors respond internally that they will take on the enquiry and the case, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a personal preliminary discussion on our premises. Otherwise, if the internal call for applications is unsuccessful, we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment.
    In any case, you will hear from us. However, please understand that we need a few days for internal review and tendering before we can answer you.
  • Once two LAW & LAKE advisors have been found to deal with your enquiry, they will be your personal contacts and will also conduct the preliminary discussion with you. In this meeting, your case will be recorded in detail by us and we will sound out your interests and concerns. Please bring all documents relating to your case to the meeting, if you already have them. As a rule - depending on the complexity of the facts - we can sign our client agreement at the end of the meeting, which we will of course always explain to you in detail beforehand. Among other things, it states precisely and bindingly that we will take on your case - and then our mandate - so that you can rely on knowing that we are at your side as a partner in your interests. In this document, you will also find a written statement of what we do and what you can and may expect from us. For example, all our advisors and employees are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality at all times - be it at the time of contacting us, during the consultation itself and beyond.
  • Once the mandate agreement has been concluded, the advisors deal with the comprehensive processing of the mandate on the basis of current case law and literature. Within about two weeks we will arrange another meeting with you and present your possible options for action with regard to the legal issues we have examined, so that you are in a position to weigh up the options and decide on the further course of action in a well-informed and autonomous manner. We will then be happy to work closely with you to further assert your interests - for example, through reminders, telephone calls and correspondence with the other party or the authorities.